Humans can now control robots by thoughts alone

와, 정말 일본의 로봇기술 대단한듯.

요즘은 리서치하면서 '꿈이 현실로 이루어진다'라는 말이 무엇인지 몸소 느끼는듯..

곧있으면 영화에서만 보던 모든 사람들이 히키코모리가 되는 시대가 올지도.. ㄷㄷㄷ

Honda today announced a “brain machine interface”(pressrelease in English), which makes it possible for human beings tocontrolrobots by thought and does away with all the button pressingandjoystick holding that usually gets on our nerves when we controlourrobots. The technology was developed jointly with Japanese techcompany Shimadzu and Tokyo-based research institute ATR.

The interface is mainly based on two sensors using electroencephalography (better known as EEG), measuring electrical activity along the scalp, and near-infrared spectroscopy(NIRS)to measure changes in cerebral blood flow. All that the userneeds to dois to wear a helmet that’s equipped with these sensors andimagine whichof four pre-determined robot parts (left hand, right hand, tongue or feet - yes, tongue) he or she wants to see moving.

Hondasays that in internal tests, its Asimo humanoid respondedcorrectly tohuman thoughts in more than 90% of all cases, for exampleby moving itsfoot. The company has been working on brain machineinterfaceapplications for four years now and tries to find ways to usethetechnology in other Honda products in the future, meaning all ofthis isnot completely gimmicky.

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